If I had to sum up what Maca|Coach can do for you in one sentence it would be: solutions and tools for a happier and healthier life. This is new wave... Click here for more

FM California January 2015

I think we have been successful in our original plan of action: not eating chocolates (Hershey’s candy bars, Kit Kats, M&Ms) between meals, after... Click here for more

Joseph January, 2014

Andrés not only is an amazing coach, who has touched so many of us with his unlimited passion for helping us all reach our true potential, but also his... Click here for more

Luis Emanuel Varela New York City April, 2014

I turned to Andrés, again, for help. This time it was not because of my general frame of mind, but due to something more concrete.

I... Click here for more

Patricia II Washington, DC 2014

I have worked with Andrés for almost two months via Skype. I was at a low-energy point at that time and I wanted to be able to be more active. I had... Click here for more

Shoval Aloni Sedona Method Coach Israel 2014

THANK YOU, MY DEAR FRIEND, FOR ALL THE HELP YOU HAVE GIVEN ME...  On July 9th my sister departed and I couldn’t withstand the... Click here for more

Ana María Massarino Reiki Master Uruguay August 2013

Andrés is a great coach. He has an extraordinary vision to see what can help more. He has a lot of empathy and has helped me with sweet cravings, with... Click here for more

A.S. Spain July 2013

(Andrés)... exhibited a culture of appreciation, team work, and exceptional human relations...  (He)... understands... the (business') culture, and... Click here for more

Andrea James Senior Information Officer World Bank Washington, DC 2012

I highly recommend Andrés McAlister as a business and life coach. In addition to freelancing as a management consultant, I’m involved in two... Click here for more

D.S. Washington, DC 2012

The Sedona Method has enabled me to manage my worries and anxieties in a simple, easy, healthy and immediate way. I can always carry these tools with... Click here for more

Patricia Washington, DC 2012